Operation “Day V”

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Valentines day is tomorrow, but what a disaster: Keeper of Desire, who is responsible for the preparation for the worldwide celebration disappeared under mysterious circumstances! As a result, not only the upcoming celebration but also the future of all human relationships is in danger, including those that have not yet started. You will have to find him and crack this mystery …

Game description 

Do you love romantic surprises? Interested to make a special Valentine’s Day gift to your partner?

Everyone loves gifts, everyone loves romantic dinners, particularly if it is related to a special  event like Valentine’s day or birthday party.  What everyone also loves are memories associated with days like these and that is exactly what we are offering. We provide you with a unique opportunity to not only make  your occasion unforgettable but portray it in a way you have always imagined.

We created a quest game which addresses the theme of Valentine’s Day in a unique manner, keeping the balance between fun, curiosity, excitement in a romantic setting. You will personalize the game and use your shared memories to enhance it. It will create a special mood, making for an unforgettable day which will allow your occasion to be even more desirable.

How this games works?

The game is an online quest, which can be played either fully using the online resources or partially by using your surroundings. It will contain secret letters, puzzles hidden in social networks, music, a romantic poem and more. By the end of the game the mysterious letter will be converted into a Valentine’s heart, providing your partner with the location of a gift, the venue of a dinner or any other message you have prepared.









Approximate game duration: 45-60 min; It can be played any day, not necessary on Valentines day. It can be used as a great tool to make an invitation or presentation of the gift for birthday, wedding or any other romantic event.

Before the game starts, you will need to print the secret letter, which is attached to the instructions, and hand it over to your partner. You can send it as a letter, give it to him/her in person or put it into their post box. We also recommend to include the QR code as part of the secret letter which will ignite their curiosity even further. You can print it on our website in the section for game sharing.  To share the game you can simply send a direct web link using an email.

  Intro The introduction video will inform the player that the Keeper of Desire, who is responsible for preparing the celebration of Valentine’s Day, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The only thing which we have is an encoded letter that needs to be deciphered step by step in order to find the Keeper and save the upcoming celebration.

1 In Level 1 your partner will need to find the Secret name of the Keeper, using our descriptions and hints which are closely related to Valentine’s Day


2 In Level 2 it is necessary to find the operational code of the Keeper and this is where the first condition comes into play – your partner needs to have a Facebook account.


3 In Level 3 the first personalized part appears – you, as a game organizer, will need to personalize this question. The goal is to find a birthday of one of your relatives: it can be your mother, father or anyone else you wish. The main point is to challenge your partner in order for them to get in touch with some of your relatives. Detailed instructions will be provided in the Game instructions document.


4 In Level 4 the player will need to recognize popular singers, as well as find and watch their video clip in order to answer the questions.


5 In Level 5 an additional personalization is required. This question will be based on a photo of you and your partner? There are two options: you can use a photo from Instagram (in this case an Instagram account for you and your partner is necessary) or a photo in the space where game will be played. Detailed instructions will be provided in the Game instructions document.

6 In Level 6 your partner will  receive a romantic Shakespeare poem where he/she will need to fill  out the missing words, find the address of the Shakespeare Theatre and do some tricky but simple math.

  In Level 7, once secret letter is converted into a red heart the player will need to read the secret message and proceed to the final step where his present is described.

You also will need to personalize the final page by setting your individual message. You can add a text with the location of the gift, address and time of the romantic dinner or any other text you wish. You can also add a favorite video, audio or pictures of your partner. It’s fully open to your fantasy.  


We are confident your partner will get an unforgettable experience playing this game, you will have fun discussing it afterwards and this particular event will stay in your memories for a long time. 


How our platform works?


GeraeteThe iDventure game works on PCs, tablets, smartphones or other digital devices. The digital game is mainly used to watch videos with instructions and to enter the solutions to the questions.


The rest of the game is happening around you (depends how you configure it) and in virtual world around us: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Game preparation


  • You will receive detailed instructions how to prepare and personalize your game.
  • What do you need for this game is:



Facebook account for the player  Instagram account for the player
  • In some Levels (3,5, Ending) you will need to personalize question/answer/hints following Game instructions. In order to do so you will need to use game interface as per example below. For more detailed interface description please use “how to” page.

  • Game instructions download (will be delivered by email as well)



       Game instructions download